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About us

About us

Alpha Omega Church Supplies was established in 2008, when Dimitrios Karakoutas, a Multidisciplinary Designer and Engineer, partnered with the most talented and experienced ecclesiastical artisans, in Greece and Russia, to form what has become today the largest supplier or ecclesiastical art and church supplies.


Our Vision

Making reality what the Fathers of the Church have said:

"Entering a church must feel like a preview of entering heaven."


Our Mission

Realizing our vision means that we cannot simply sell objects to customers but rather to:

use our expertise and work closely with each client to enhance the beauty of their religious space.


Our Strategy

Although we carry a very extensive catalog of products to choose from for your needs, many times we custom build objects that will match your existing decor, unique requirements and style. In most instances we offer our design services free of charge to our customers.

If there is something that you need made out of metal, wood, marble, or fabric we will
design and build it for you in the most beautiful and practical way possible.


Our team

Realizing our goals requires the collaborative effort of many individuals. Our team consists of 10 full time office employees and about 50 artisans that design and realize your projects. All of our team members are people who are passionate about arts, crafts, interior decorating, manufacturing, information technology, materials engineering, business, logistics, and customer service. We are continually looking for new talent to join our team either as an employee or as a freelance artisan.

Talented and inspired people creating together amazing things.


Our clients

We serve a diverse customer base across the globe with unique traits and needs, such as: ethnicity, religious tradition, preexisting installations, and local building codes and constrains. We have successfully completed more than 5,000 projects in all 7 continents with the highest concentration being in North America, then Europe, and lastly Australia. Feel free to ask us for references and samples of our work whenever you are considering hiring us for your next project.

Our business has mainly grown by word of mouth.


Our promise to you

We take a lot of pride in our work, and aim to design and build objects and art installations of the highest quality. Given the unique spiritual significance of our products we build them in a way that will last forever with the proper care. Our expectation is for all our products to end up in a parish or local community museum one day. Understanding the budgetary constrains that every parish is facing we try to offer our products to you at the lowest prices possible by being efficient and prudent in our spending. When you choose to work with us we expect you to hold us to our promise and we always welcome your feedback in an effort to continually serving you in the best way possible.

We promise to offer to you only the best products and services that your money can buy.


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